Ambiance Lx LED Tape

Ambiance® Lx LED Tape provides versatile, energy efficient, long lasting LED linear lighting for a wide variety of applications. With its ultra low-profile and optically clear coating, Lx LED Tape can be easily installed in a variety of settings to provide discrete, high quality illumination. Available in a variety of lengths and color temperatures with either a black or white face, Lx LED Tape Lighting by Ambiance® is a great addition to any space.

  • 12V LED Tape Strips

  • 24V LED Tape Strips

  • 98650S-12
    2" LED Tape Connector Cord

  • 98652S-12
    12" LED Tape Connector Cord

  • 98653S-12
    18" LED Tape Connector Cord

  • 98654S-12
    36" LED Tape Connector Cord

  • 98655S-12
    72" LED Tape Connector Cord

  • 98670-15
    Indoor LED Tape Track

  • 98672-97
    Flat Track Lens Indoor LED Tape

  • 98673-97
    Curved Track Lens Indoor LED Tape

  • 98670-12
    Indoor LED Tape Track

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